Monday, November 22, 2010

2011 Poster Contest Information

Eligible for Poster Contest: EVERYONE!

POSTER CONTEST - Due to County Office, January 13
The theme for the 2011 poster contest is *Don't Supersize Your Life:
Portion Control*. Five places will be awarded in each age division.
Neither entry fee nor pre-registration is required for this contest!
Participants in the poster contest do not have to be entered in the
Food Show nor be present to win! No entry fee or pre-registration is
required to participate in this contest.
There is no limit to the number of posters that each county can enter;
however, each child is limited to one poster. The poster must be on a
poster board that measures 28*x22*. NO FOAM BOARD OR OTHER MATERIALS
PLEASE. The posters will be judged on creativity and the nutritional
message that the poster conveys. This contest is open to all age
divisions. We will give a ribbon to the top five places in each age
division as appropriate.
The following information must be included on the back of each poster:

Contestant Name:
Age Division:

If this information is missing from the poster, it will not be judged.
Please submit a list of entries the day of the event to the Poster
Contest Coordinator so that we will have a complete list of entries.

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