Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Remember that all recipes should follow the Healthy Holidays theme this year but the holiday can be any that we enjoy.  The food categories also have changed in that they are in line with MyPlate: protein, fruits and vegetables, grains and dairy.

The venue for the food challenge will be announced at a later date.  Teams will also want to use the supply box list that is shown at the state web site and then add a blender.  We are still working with several facilities that can provide us with the best accommodations for the Food Challenge contest.

All forms are attached.  Please contact Wendi Green with if you have any questions; 903-683-5416.  Remember that our county deadline to let our office know if you plan to be a part of this contest is:

THURSDAY ~ December 20, 2012

County Contest for Food Show ~ Food Challenge ~ Place Setting ~ Poster Contest will be held on  Saturday ~ January 5, 2013 @9 AM

All Clover Kids (age 5-2nd grade), Junior, Intermediates & Seniors are invited to be a part of this FUN activity!

You may enter all or part of the above mentioned contest.

County Contest – FREE, NO entry Fees!

Judges Questions

2013 Judges Form 

D5 Food Show Score Card  

2013 Recipe and Scorecard Submission Instructions

Check Sheet for Recipe  

Presentation Suggestions 

2013 Food and Nutrition Extravaganza Memo

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