Friday, September 7, 2012

2012-2013 Food Challange Manual

Please note that the manual reveals a few minor changes and clarifications for this year's contest. 

1.  There are NO changes to the Food Challenge categories this year!  For now, they are staying the same. 

2.  There is one addition to the supply box list, which includes an electric skillet.  Please note that teams may choose to continue using their hot plate(s); however, an electric skillet, which tends to heat faster, has been added to the supply list.  Teams can easily compete without the electric skillet if they choose to do so or if it is not in their budget to purchase one. 

3.  A clarification to the supply list, which indicates that only electric hot plates are allowed.  No gas/propane operated burners are allowed.  This is in line with the Texas 4-H Roundup rules that state, "No firearms, weapons, fireworks, open flamed burners or live ammunition are allowed to be used in any Roundup contest." 

4.  Teams may have access to a "pantry" of additional ingredients that may be incorporated into their recipe. The number of additional ingredients a team may get will be determined by contest officials and announced during participant orientation.  With this change, the committee feels that the contest will allow for more creativity among teams, recipes will be customized to the teams liking, and the contest will be more true-to-life (cooking something with what you have in your pantry).

As always, please feel free to contact Wendi Green with any questions you may have about the 4-H Food Challenge.